Explore Esthetic

Get natural-looking restorations with Explore Esthetic zirconia, providing the ideal balance of strength and high translucency.

Simplify your workflows and boost your profitability.


Why Choose Explore Esthetic Compared to the Competition?

  • Suitable for Most Indications
  • Exceptional Esthetics
  • Affordable Price
  • Predictable Outcomes
  • Time-Saving
  • Excellent Longevity
  • Availability of Common Shades & Systems

Explore Esthetic Multilayer Zirconia

Strength and translucency in one multipurpose zirconia.


Explore Esthetic Advantaje-1 Resize

Get Next Level Esthetics

Explore Esthetic’s unique combination of strength, toughness, and translucency makes it ideal for anterior & posterior crowns and bridges (3 units).

Save Time

Seamless gradients of chroma and translucency mimic the vitality of natural dentition resulting in a simplified, time-saving workflow.
Explore Functional Advantaje Save-Time
Explore Functional Advantage-3 Change

High Quality

Upcera’s dedication to providing only the highest quality zirconia means you get predictable outcomes & reduced remakes.

Precise Pre-shading

Get a perfect match each time. Available in 16 Vita shades and 2 bleach shades.
Explore Functional Advantage-4 Change
Explore Functional Advantage-5 Change

Available in Multiple Formats

Available for most popular CAD/CAM systems in various diameters and thicknesses.

Explore Esthetic Technical

Explore Esthetic is Upcera’s latest innovation, combining 4Y-5Y zirconia in a multilayered disc with a seamless gradient of color, translucency, and strength to provide exceptionally esthetic restorations.



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