Explore Functional

Offering a balance between strength and translucency, Explore Functional is the latest innovation in zirconia.

Boost your profitability and simplify your workflows.


Why Choose Explore Functional Compared to the Competition?

  • All Purpose Material
  • Superior Esthetics
  • Affordable Price
  • Predictable Outcomes
  • Time-Saving
  • Excellent Longevity
  • Availability of Common Shades & Systems

Explore Functional Multilayer Zirconia

Strength and translucency in one multipurpose zirconia.


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Suitable for All Indications

Explore Functional’s unique combination of strength and translucency in one disc, make it ideal for a full range of indications, including full arch bridges, reducing the number of zirconia discs you need to keep in inventory.

Save Time

Seamless gradients of chroma and translucency mimic the vitality of natural dentition resulting in a simplified, time-saving workflow.
Explore Functional Advantaje Save-Time
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High Quality

Upcera’s dedication to providing only the highest quality zirconia means you get predictable outcomes & reduced remakes.

Precise Pre-shading

Get a perfect match each time. Available in 16 Vita shades and 4 bleach shades.
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Available in Multiple Formats

Available for most popular CAD/CAM systems in various diameters and thicknesses.

Explore Functional Technical

Explore Functional is a multi-layered disc combining five superimposed layers and nine gradient layers into one disc with a seamless gradient of color, translucency, and strength. Suitable for all indications from single units to long-span full arch monolithic bridges. This revolutionary material utilizes 3Y and 4Y zirconia to provide exceptional results.



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