Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Milling Questions

What voltage do I need for the Upcera equipment?

All Upcera equipment requires 220v power with exception of scanners and hand pieces.

The milling machine needs to be on your wired network not wifi.

There is a tool life tracker on the milling machine that will alert when its time.

This is standard in Asia but is easily changed to match your 220v outlet.

Our mills have been validated with our material but yes you can use others.

The machine does not require any oil or grease.

Any compressor will work as log as it has a dryer and 100 psi constant.

Yes our A52 and A53 can mill facial anatomy in 90 degree milling.

The CAM PC and the mill need to be on the same network.

If purchased through Upcera the vacuum will start automatically.

Yes programs can be moved to the machine with a USB drive.

Depending on use, Once a month or when you see irregularities in milling.

Keeping the machine as clean as possible is the only maintenance needed.

Your choice, most people shut down over weekends.

Annual license payment is only required if you want to upgrade.

One CAM license can run any number and all of Upcera mills.

Depending on the crowns between 18-22 on average.

The dongle is your license so try to not lose. If lost there is a replacement charge.

Sintering Questions

Can I use my existing furnace to sinter Upcera zirconia?

Yes you can use your existing furnace and program our cycles.

Calibrate your furnace if possible, more than likely the temperature is off.

No, the GT1 is not recommended for fast cycles.

You can sinter as many crowns that fit in two trays.

The GT1 furnace has 18 programmable cycles.

Calibrating the GT1 is recommended if shade accuracy is an issue.

If you start to see yellowing or greenish hues, yes decontaminate.

Place pieces of white zirconia in a tray and run a regular cycle until they sinter white.

No, always use pieces of scrap white zirconia to decontaminate.

Crowns can be run in a long full arch cycle but full arches should only be run in a long slow climb cycle.

Elements do not come installed to avoid breakage in shipping.

Elements last years. That being said they are fragile after use so it is not recommended to ship or transport. Life also is determined by use.

Zirconia Questions

What is the minimum thickness for your materials?

Minimum thickness should be .5mm.

Explore functional can be used for the majority of indications.

Yes it can be milled wet with pure water with no lubricant or coolant to avoid contamination of your furnace.

At least 15 minutes under a heat lamp or air dry for an hour. Full arches should air dry as long as possible.

A high speed with a fine diamond or carbide tip is recommended.

Pins should be removed with a soft rubber wheel before sintering.

Yes, adjusting and polishing is fine. A diamond high speed with water is recommended.

Yes, to avoid warping a support bar is recommended.

All bridges that are above 5 units and have a curve should have a support bar.

Sand blasting is allowed just be careful around margin areas. Sand blast only after sintered not in green state.

Any water based should be fine. Test infiltration time to make saturation and color results desired are achieved.

Yes polishing is acceptable if preferred.

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