NEW! Upcera x DEKEMA have collaborated to create our newest porcelain furnace offering high-quality craftsmanship and durable stability. Applications with and without vacuum include: fire, glaze, crystalize, and infiltrate.

  • Intuitive Operating System
  • Even heat distribution through closed chamber design
  • Dekema-specific firing chamber concept for excellent firing results at all temperatures
  • Individually selectable drying positions of the lift
  • Variable vacuum switch-on point, independent of preheating temperature
  • Made in Germany

HiFi Fire

HiFi 624

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383x653x343 mm


17.5 kg

Power Supply

35-105v/ 50-60 Hz or
110-125v/50-60 Hz or
220-240v/ 50-60 Hz

Maximum Voltage

1500 W

Maximum Temperature

1200 C


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